The Hardy County Chamber maintains a number of committees that help the HCC achieve its mission of creating a vibrant commercial climate for an improved quality of life in Hardy County.

Members are strongly encouraged to have a representative from their organization to serve on a committee. Through active member input programs and activities can be developed to meet the needs of our business community.

Committees include:

Retail Committee

The purpose of the Retail Committee is to build a stronger bond between retailers and work toward creating a stronger retail environment in Hardy County.

Activities include:

  • Organizing & implementing “A Hardy County Christmas”
  • Organizing & implementing “Hardy County Shop Hop”
  • Connecting with new & existing county businesses to learn business district news
  • Considering countywide retail programs and seminars designed to improve retail trade

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to identify and reach out to new and existing members to gather ideas and information that will expand the HCC and promote a health business climate in Hardy County.

Activities include:

  • Participating in membership drives and regular outreach to non-members
  • Interacting regularly with current members to identify business needs and desires
  • Ensuring the development of membership by encouraging participation in committees and events
  • Organizing & implementing a Chamber 101 introductory program for new members

Legislative Committee

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to maintain relationships with various governmental departments, agencies and elected officials in order to keep them informed of the concerns and issues of the Chamber and its membership.

Activities include:

  • Identifying issues of importance to the business community and communicating the Chamber’s positions on these issues to the elected officials and community organizations
  • Organizing and implementing forums, such as Legislative Breakfasts, that foster open communications between the business community, elected officials and other community organizations
  • Identifying and developing opportunities that will guide the Chamber Board in advocating for policies and procedures that strengthen the business climate in Hardy County and allow for increased business retention and expansion

Public Relations Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to develop methods and programs that increase the Chamber’s visibility in the community, build the image of the Chamber as a quality organization that supports Hardy County businesses, and provide the Chamber and its members with ideas and tools for successful communications strategies.

Activities include:

  • Directing the publication of the Chamber newsletter, website and any other communications between the Chamber and its members
  • Identifying and providing for any other communications or public relations devices that further a positive image of the business community and the Chamber
  • Working with other committees to promote Chamber events
  • Relaying public attitudes and information to the Chamber, to ensure that the HCC maximizes any opportunity to support businesses or address issues
  • Identifying audiences to be reached by the Chamber, and establishing communications with those audiences

Women Making Change Committee

The purpose or the Women Making Change Committee is to promote networking and support among women in our community.

Activities include:

  • Encourage women in the county to take on leadership roles in the civic and business community
  • Offer social events with a purpose to promote an ideal, raise awareness and empower women in the community to make change
  • Seek projects that tap into the resources and strengths of the women in our community
  • Encourage and participate in community service opportunities.

Special Projects Committees

  • Main Street Revitalization Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • .